How Charlie Boosted Qualified Trial Conversions by 20% with In-App Sales

Charlie HR implemented Ripe to engage users more effectively, resulting in a 16% increase in qualified meetings and a 20% rise in trial-to-paid conversions.


CharlieHR is a rapidly growing HR software start-up that helps businesses streamline their HR processes. With a steady flow of inbound self-serve signups, Florence, the Head of Sales at CharlieHR, faced a common challenge: accelerating revenue growth without increasing the go-to-market team headcount.

Challenges Faced by CharlieHR

  • Engaging the right prospects at the perfect time

  • Personalizing outreach based on user behavior

  • Optimizing sales efforts without expanding the team

Despite the team's efforts in emailing new users, following up on activity, and leveraging marketing and product initiatives, there was no obvious low-hanging fruit to boost sales performance.

"How do we accelerate revenue growth without increasing the GTM team headcount?"

Empowering Sales with Real-Time User Engagement: The Solution

Ripe provided a solution by opening a new channel for the sales team, enabling them to engage the right prospects at the perfect time - while using the product. Charlie's sales development team now had real-time visibility into their user base, including how users interact with their platform. This enabled much more personalized and better-timed ways to reach out to them.

With Ripe, Charlie started:

  • Continuously enriching and qualifying all new sign-ups

  • Routing promising cases to the right team member in real-time

  • Engaging with users via pre-recorded and live video in-app

The team quickly embraced Ripe's capabilities, recognizing its impact on their sales process.

"Knowing when people are logged-in is a game-changer. It helps me understand a user's interest and the perfect time for follow-ups. I've noticed a clear increase in response rates and booked a lot more meetings."


Joshua Hardy

SDR • CharlieHR

The Impact of Ripe on CharlieHR's Sales Performance

  • Transformed the product into a powerful sales channel

  • 16% increase in qualified meetings

  • 20% increase in trial-to-paid conversions

  • No additional headcount required

Within a month of implementing Ripe, CharlieHR witnessed a significant impact on their sales performance. The data-driven approach enabled by Ripe allowed the team to increase qualified meetings by an impressive 16% without the need for additional headcount.

"We managed to increase our number of qualified meetings by 16% with the help of Ripe, without having to add to our team's headcount."


Florence Woodfin

Head of sales • CharlieHR

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