Redtrack uses Ripe to reduce friction and increase conversions by 75%

CharlieHR Boosts Paid Conversions,
No Sales Team Expansion Needed

CharlieHR implemented Ripe to engage users more effectively, resulting in a 16% increase in qualified meetings and a 20% rise in trial-to-paid conversions.


Meet Florence: Head of Sales at CharlieHR, a rapidly growing HR software start-up. Florence faced a typical challenge: "How do we accelerate revenue growth without increasing the GTM team headcount?".

She had a steady flow of inbound self-serve signups at her disposal. She had also learned from previous efforts that meeting face-to-face with new signups was a sure way to increase their likelihood of converting.

But the full team had already done their homework, and there was no obvious low-hanging fruit, to start with. They naturally emailed new users immediately and tried to follow up if they saw any movement. Marketing and Product did their part via campaigns, tutorials, and chatbots as well.


Ripe provided a solution by opening a new channel for the sales team, enabling them to engage the right prospects at the perfect time - while using the product. Charlie's sales development team now had real-time visibility into their user base, including how users interact with their platform. This enabled much more personalized and better-timed ways to reach out to them.

With Ripe, Charlie started:

  • Continuously enriching and qualifying all new sign-ups

  • Routing promising cases to the right team member in real-time

  • Engaging with users via pre-recorded and live video in-app

And the team loved it!

"Knowing when people are logged-in is a game-changer. It helps me understand a user's interest and the perfect time for follow-ups. I've noticed a clear increase in response rates and booked a lot more meetings."


Joshua Hardy

SDR • CharlieHR


Within a month, the team saw how Ripe enabled their own product as a brand new channel for the team and that their data-driven sales approach was quickly bearing fruit!

"We managed to increase our number of qualified meetings by 16% with the help of Ripe, without having to add to our team's headcount."


Florence Woodfin

Head of sales • CharlieHR

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